Alpha Accelerated Capital


Alpha Accelerated Capital quests to enfranchise our clients to outsmart institutional-grade algorithms & quantitative software by rendering highly penetrative market signals accessible to users, gleaned from our massive pedigree in empirical market research, data science, risk modeling, and price behavior. Harmonizing an entourage of professional traders, authors, and high-profile consultants, Alpha.AC has stitched together an alliance of gifted method-men that is rarely found under one roof. Why? With a room of unmatched experience-driven narrative in the financial markets, we are capable of nurturing a new species of “bedroom traders” who masterfully balance commitments, lifestyles, and relationships with that of the market arena - yet still come out on top. Vetted for statistical promise via thousands of back-tests, live trades, simulations, & pilot tests and corroborated by the top 1%, Alpha.AC’s signal regime promises to give side-hustlers and career-driven traders equal footing in the price arena. We will probe the market for the highest odds & best risk:reward setups, annotate the entry/exit signals, draft you a battle plan, then deliver it real-time, minute-to-minute sensitivity, to your phone.  

Our signal platform’s backend objective orbits identifying areas of possible outperformance both in the short and long-term trading horizons by providing trade signals and strategies in equity, options, and futures markets. Our entry & exit signals are heavily informed, refined, and deployed by a highly gifted thinktank that levvies quantitative research, data science, institutional-software, & statistical modeling to drive the needle for you.   

In effect, we host a signature analytical profile that extracts and digests various conditions in the price ecosystem to expose market anomalies and identify macro & micro regime changes. By synthesizing this data and manufacturing it into high-probability setups, we offer clients a second pair of eyes to exploit deep-rooted price footprints without the tedious minutiae of analytics, algorithms, and portfolio models. Apropos, we maximize the risk/reward profile and generate consistent risk-adjusted returns for clients without dragging them through the labyrinth of price behavior.

What types of "Quantitative Research" is extracted, sifted, & synthesized on our back-end?

Algorithmic Edge Testing
Validation Modeling
Hedging Methodologies
Simulation Performance
Risk Modeling
Price Behavior Modeling
Trader Psychology Analytics
Valuation Modeling
Stock Screening/Scanning Metrics
Hedging Systems
Portfolio Modeling & Assessments
Factor Testing
Fundamental Database Cross-Referencing
Blended Portfolios Strategies (Stocks & Bonds)
ETF Strategies
Macro/Micro Regime Shift Detection
Risk Exposure Navigation
Decision-Outcome Analysis
Market Anomaly Detection
Simulation Performance
Equity Curve Modeling

A potpourri of empirical data from the best of the best – injected into each signal you are receiving as part of our premium group. Trade alongside the smart money, with little to no work on your end.