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The average hedge fund returned 11.6% in 2020, according to Hedge Fund Research data, lagging behind the S&P500 index 16% gain. Only the top 5% of retail traders even walked out with a positive P/L YTD for that matter.  

The fact is, 95% of investors fail to beat the market and the majority of hedge-funds underperform the market index S&P500. So, whether an individual or an institution, it doesn’t change the fact that most financial entities are casualties to the market. The only hands-off way to win in this scene is by deferring to the top 5% - but how exactly do you find them, and would they even manage your money given their pedigree? Probably not. And its nearly impossible to staff hedge-funds or mutual funds with top 5 percenters – they are fairing thousands of times better as proprietary traders or independent IRAs.  

Given these constraints, you should throw the money-manager neurosis out the window. Trust us, there is a better avenue. Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable doing your “bidding” with independent signals that you can transparently vet and deploy? Signals curated by a team of handpicked think-tanks, authors, & award-winning consultants that comprise that elusive top 5%? Or would you rather hand your capital over to opaque hedge funds and secretive venture firms. Money manager culture is riddled with false gurus, red herrings, and bureaucratic red tape – a majority of them will waste your time and squeeze you of your capital, with nominal returns if any. This defective landscape of money managers makes it downright essential that you have some jurisprudence in how your money is managed.  

So, what better way to do so than with a bona fide’ signal platform hosted by the professionals themselves? The top 1% will guide your fingers - you will press “go.” It’s the best of all worlds.