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Use Experts To Connect The Dots

We borrow our experts' delicate lens in price behavior to impart ultra-wealthy clients, shareholders, retail traders, and amateur investors a no-nonsense avenue to gain an algorithmic edge in the market. Apropos, we are your second pair of eyes to masterfully visualize the smart money's footprint. A highly piercing signal platform, reimagined.

  • Share your own trade ideas and analysis with traders inside of the Trading Room
  • Join daily live streams and review stock charts in realtime
  • Access premium price action and risk analysis from highly-seasoned expert traders.
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24/7 Days a Week Alpha Is There For You Will Updates and Signals Reach Out To Our Expert Staff Any Time of Day Or Night. Our Team Is Here To Guide You To Success.

High Performance

High Probability Trades. Alpha Gives You The Buy and The Sell. Get Out With Maximum Profit Without Staying Up All Night Looking At Charts and Trying To Figure It Out. Alpha Is Your Market Insider. Impress Your Family, Friends and Colleagues With How You Can Predict The Market Like A Professional Hedge Fund Manager.

Elite Price Analysis

Battle Tested Algorithms That Consistently Out Perform The Market. Alpha.AC Has Been Back Tested, Forward Tested and Live Tested. Growing Accounts From $3,000 To Over $1 Million In A Few Years.


Accelerated Capital

Award-Winning Thinktank

Backend harmonizes an alliance of gifted method-men: veteran traders, authors, mega-wealth consultants

7+ Years | 7 Figure Portfolios

Massive pedigree in studying pice behavior, risk modeling, trading psychology, and portfolio growth

High-Expectancy Signal Regime

Statistically vetted signals over 1000+ live trades, backtests, pilot tests, and modeling from top 1%


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  • Personalized Support
  • Entry/Exit Signals With Protocols
  • 3 High-Expectancy Setups Weekly

Platinum Package | Monthly

  • Personalized Support
  • Entry/Exit Signals With Protocols
  • Risk Management Scheme
  • Trade Management Blueprint
  • 3 High-Expectancy Setups Weekly

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Game changer. I started off investing on the side when I attended USC but was losing too much money to count (dam you options). After a few years of disappointing returns I learned about Alpha.AC from the Secret Knock event in 2021. I seriously don't know what ancient magic goes on in the algorithm but the entry and exit signals are INSANELY accurate. I've had winning streaks of 10+ on the Gold package in just under a month. I've seen so many different services that over-promise and under-deliver in this space that I won't lie, I was skeptical of anything and everything. Years of looking and I found the one. Alpha.AC seriously has a killer team of real-deals. The caliber of market setups you get first hand have you feeling like you're hearing it from an actual Wall Street Guru. 10+ winning streak. Nuff said.

Majid Zahidul

Frequently Asked Questions

You Got Questions We Got Answers

Trading Signals Are 100% Legal.

Yes, they do. Trading signals work. Awareness about the happening in the financial world on micro and macro levels is important to fully trust a trading signal. Trading signals always require a stop loss to be put along while following a signal.

In short, trade signals are suggestions alerting you to trading opportunities that arise on forex, indices and commodities markets. These recommendations are based on human analysis (manual signals) or generated by mathematical algorithms (automated signals).

The signal service must be able to provide you with the CV of the trader who gives you the signals. If he says that he doesn't want to tell you, it's a scam. If you get the trader's CV, look at his experience in the financial markets, his past performance on a real trading account. Alpha Accelerated Capital provides all members with our traders CV upon request.

Take your trading to the Nth degree. Minus the tedious hedgefunds and quantitative analyses.

Starting Ground Zero? Empower Yourself Here.

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